Top 50 Software Programs for the Music Industry

Top 50 Software Programs for the Music Industry

Ableton Live – Software Changing the Music Industry

Music creation has certainly been take to the next level by the emergence of a software development company that are meant to make this ordinarily intricate process infinitely much more easier. Well, the following post is an overview of Ableton Live, one of the pioneers of the electronic music industry, and creators of some amazing music software.

What is Ableton AG?

Ableton AG happens to one of leading music software development companies currently in existence. It was founded by Gerhard Behies, Bernd Roggenndorf and Robert Henke in 1999, and has its headquarters in Berlin Germany. This trio decided to form their own firm after the groundbreaking work of Behies with granular synthesis for Native Instruments’ application “Reaktor”.

Enter Ableton Live!

Ableton went on to release its first music software “Ableton Live” in 2001, which rapidly revolutionized the industry as we now know it. And made this firm one of the major music software development companies the world has ever known. Live is now its ninth version, and comes in the Live 9 standard, Live 9 suite and the Live 9 intro packages.

Comprehensive music creating and performance features and functionalities

Unlike most other similar products in the market, Live not only facilitates for dynamic composing, recording, mixing and arrangement. But also comes with features that make it ideal as a live performance electronic instrument.

This has made it extremely popular with a wide cross section of professionals in this sector such as musicians, producers, sound designers from all over the world. Ableton Live also comes with an intuitive suite of controls designed for beat matching, cross fading and other turntable functionalities that are invaluable to Disc Jockeys.

What separates Ableton from the rest of the pack?

In essence you should think of this software as a unique tool for effectual music creation and manipulation. Unlike other software development companies in this industry, Ableton has dedicated its output to cater for a wide range of professionals and even amateurs with its one of a kind applications.

Like Live and Push. The latter of which happens to be a controller that provides users with access to all elements found in the Live digital audio workstation. Which goes a long way in enabling users to effectively play notes on any device or musical instrument, sequence melodic notes as well as triggering clips.

What far reaching contributions has this software development firm offered to the music industry?

This undoubtedly makes this software the most comprehensive of its kind currently available in the market. With its unique features such as conveniently executing turntable effects and enhancing live music performance, Ableton Live has dramatically revolutionized the electronic music industry.


It is self evident just how AG can undeniably be considered as one of the foremost software development companies in the music industry. Especially through offering Live, which is yet to meet its equal in all pertinent aspects of music creation.

From composing to recording, mixing, arranging as well as mastering of music or making a demo tape. Not to forget it’s one of a kind turntable features and functionalities, which have made the work of DJs extremely straightforward and convenient.

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